to a succesfull online campaign
  • Text ads campaign (Search)

    Display on Google search results page

  • Branding Campaign (Display)

    Display banner ads on Google partner sites

  • Remarketing campaign

    We convince the visitors of your site to become your customers.

  • Google Shopping Campaigns

    Your products for the right person at the right time.

  • Continuous optimization

    We constantly make sure that the results obtained are the best.

  • Efficient targeting

    We only target areas that are really important to your business.

  • Mobile presence

    Display on mobile devices / smartphone.

  • Advertising banners

    We make impact banners for online promotion.

  • Comprehensive reports

    You always have updated information on the performance of the Ads campaigns and the efficiency of your expenses.


Online promotion campaigns


displaying in the first places on the Google page in the section of sponsored links to user searches by targeted keywords (qualified traffic and quality clicks). All this after carefully analyzing all the parameters for setting up an efficient Google Ads campaign.


We focus on the correct and complete setting of the campaign and from the moment we launch the Google Ads Campaign, your ad will be displayed on the first Google results page in the sponsored links section.


Measurable results with clear statistics on the performance of the ads in Google Ads campaigns. You will receive detailed reports and statistics that expose the effectiveness of your advertisement.


You control the display of your ad by choosing the area (geographical destination, cities, villages, neighborhoods, etc.), the time interval (the hourly ranges at which you know you have maximum efficiency) and to which your ad should be addressed.


Google Ads PPC (pay per click) promotion is the method by which you pay only when the user clicks on your ad, NOT when the ad is only displayed on the Google page as a result of a search. You spend as much as you want! You decide the budget that you will spend monthly and you will never be taxed over that amount.


Monthly campaign costs consist of:
Campaign budget (the amount allocated for clicks) – invoiced by Google / Facebook and paid to Google / Facebook
Management fee – the amount invoiced by the agency and payable to it.

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Got a project? Let’s talk!

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